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Re: Batch to copy folder from D7 Reports to user desktop ++

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:24 pm
by Psychlone
Where's my LIKE button?!

I really have no excuse for not knowing "simple" batch scripting, but in my defense, there's almost always been a program to do what I needed done, and for when there wasn't, **actual** simple batch scripts were pretty easy (simple copy, print spooler fix, kill all running apps, reset TCP/IP, etc.) and reg files (like remove low disk space check).

Anyway, again, THANK YOU.

I think that there might be some functionality in this that other users might want - I'm not sure if anyone else leaves logs behind for their customers - I always have as a sign that I've done something (proof that I spent time fixing their computer as well as a way to go back and see what I did if the computer comes back to me) - but also so the customer has a way to see what types of malware or viruses were found in hopes that if they see those things again while surfing/downloading, they'll run in the other direction. This almost NEVER works, but at least I feel I've given them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.