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bat request

Postby xide » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:34 pm

I am horrible when it comes to writing batch files, but I have seem to have no issue reading them to see what happening so I can edit them. I need a couple to do a couple of things...

1. Copy a url to the desktop ...I realize d7 does this...but I would like to copy a few urls to the desktop. (many reasons)

2. Download a file (possibly extract a zip...not sure I will need this ability but would be nice to know if i can) the purpose of this is so my client can run it and download my latest remote support tool from my ftp.

Why not put it on their computer in the first place? Well because over the years I can't seem to be satisfied with 1 remote support so I change at random, so this bat will simply point to whatever I am using at the time on my ftp.
Why not just put a link on your website? I have many reasons for this. The main reasons are I only want them to download it when I instruct them (the bat file will be hidden in a uncommon/new directory) also I don't like my competitors to know what I use and I don't want them to accidentally delete/uninstall it when they call me for help 2 years later. Just like many have done with the dSupport I've installed.

Thanks for your help.
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