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GameOver & Cryptlocker Takedown started?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:54 pm
by und3rtak3r
Spotted this in Sophos News this morning:

Gameover and CryptoLocker in concert

These two families of malware are often discussed together because Gameover, which gives its operators the power to upload new malware to already-infected computers, has been one of the ways by which CryptoLocker was distributed.

In other words, the crooks could milk you using Gameover; as soon as they thought they'd squeezed everything they could out of the Gameover part, they could "upgrade" you to CryptoLocker and sting you for a final $300.

With a 40% success rate against victims in the UK alone, if the University of Kent has it right, that's quite some sting.


Information regarding the current take-downs.. read more in the link

Be nice if the Private Keys could be made public...! or at least available so we could write a script to test them against locked files.. I have heard of people being told to delete their encrypted files "as they are infected"... WTF... ... over-over/