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Share your workshop!

Postby xide » Wed Aug 20, 2014 2:06 am

Thought it might be interesting to see what others have their work area setup as. Hopefully this thread will help others who are just starting out, or give new ideas to those who already have their workshop setup. These pictures of mine were taken while we were finishing up moving into our new building, so kinda messy....yet it looks amazing in comparison to what it looks like now.

There are 2 storage closets, and a 3rd that the drawers/shelves occupy.
1 bathroom
Monster machine to keep me going
We have 2 main work bench stations both have an 8 port KVM with one port occupied by our own machine to do other tasks and our full flash drive apps and configs are kept on there and synced between each other.
There are shelving units I picked up from lowes or home depot (can't remember) for around $50, they're called gorilla racks and you can configure them to be 2 small racks or one large rack as seen in the pictures. I use these mainly to work on laptops, and storage on the bottom racks.
There is a small work bench with a 2 port KVM that is used for custom computer builds or over flow of repairs. In the picture the pink coffee pot has claimed it as home.

For the work benches we purchased some regular pegboard from the home supply store, mounted some 1x2 strips to the wall, and screwed it onto that. The tool hooks can be found at lowes and come in a nice kit with bins and jars as well as the hooks and screw driver holders. We used cheap unfinished kitchen cabinets for the base of our work stations (i think they were around $50-$100...some we took from our old house) The counter top was purchased from the home supply store and 1 from our house when we remodeled. one is 10ft. long and the other is 8. with a cabinet one each end, under them are 2x4's mounted against the wall and under the counter to provide it with support.

For power under each work station is a Tripplite UPS, which feeds a 6ft tripplite power strip that is mounted just below the pegboard on both work stations. There is (2) 4ft strips that provide power to the laptop areas.

I have a mid grade dlink wifi router, that feeds my 24port dlink switch which then feeds all the work stations not to mention the wifi signal also available. Also on my network I have a Thecus 4100pro NAS with (4) 1TB hard drives in a raid5 array. On my NAS I store an extra copy of all the files I use on my flash drives, backup customer data, save all my operating system ISOs and other software. I also use it to copy my customer reports to so that I can easily access their report if I need to print it or retrieve it for them. We use a Samsung AIO laser printer (b/w) to print out our forms, reports, etc. which is also on the network so it can be used from our computers.

In the drawers I keep Hard drives (new/used) spare laptop power cords in case a customer forgets theirs, memory that is sorted by kind (SDRAM,DDR,DDR2,etc....I still have some RAMBUS! lol) I have different drawers for processors which are also sorted of course. We have another drawer for external hard drives (in case we want to backup files that way) in that same drawer we also keep some external cd/dvd drives...and even a usb floppy! (which I had to use 2 months ago for an old pc) Then I have other drawers with basic stuff such as NIC cards, video, sound, you get the idea.

Finished computers are stored on 3 more gorilla racks that you can kinda see through the door on the 3rd picture.

Please post your ideas and details so we can possibly give some new ideas to the long timers in the industry and/or help the newcomers get started. ;)
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Re: Share your workshop!

Postby JTechSolutions » Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:52 am

I like this idea. I am always looking online to view other shops, and see how people make the work flow.

I'll post some of mine later, I just moved in to an official brick and mortar.
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Re: Share your workshop!

Postby CrazyRom » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:19 pm

xide I have very simmilar workshop:D When I get camera I will post it and You will laugh:)
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Re: Share your workshop!

Postby shea123 » Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:11 pm

Great workshop, I wish I had one like this :)
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