RAID 5 and SSD cache

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RAID 5 and SSD cache

Postby xide » Mon May 11, 2015 2:17 pm

So I was in my mad scientist lab (home office) over the weekend, and was in the process of reconfiguring my system with a new raid card (instead of using 1 of the onboard controllers)

Here is my specs:

CPU: Intel i7 975 extreme
Mobo: Asus Rampage III x58
RAM: 24GB Corsair Dominator GT

Raid controllers:
on board: Intel ich(can't remember the numbers)
on board: Marvell 91xx (no longer in card is better)
card: Marvell 92xx

(card)Marvell 92xx: 2x Samsung 850 Pro in a raid 0
Intel onboard raid: 6x WD Black Edition 1TB in a raid 5 array.

During my cleaning I found an old Corsair 30GB SSD "Cache Drive", and I just happen to have 1 sata port left. My c:\ with my raid 0 SSD is already plenty fast, however I want to use this with my RAID 5 to speed that up. I attempted to download their software, but it's not designed for Windows 8. So does anyone know how I might be able to use this as a cache drive for my RAID 5?

I'll post back if I find a solution.
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