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Microsoft Support Problems, Need Advice!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:06 pm
by csc

It's a long story, as all support issues are, but to summarize:

- I purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (Rev 2) in March.
- I contacted Microsoft in March, with reports of a defective unit (touchscreen & psu) and they promised a new Power Cover would fix these concerns.
- I have not received the Power Cover yet, (It's June)
- I specifically used the word "return" within the 30 day return period, but they told me to wait and see if the Power Cover fixes these concerns.
- I've been waiting longer than 30 days for the power cover, so they won't help any longer (out of return period)
- They cannot open a ticket for an exchange until the Power Cover ticket is completed (apparently)
- I have contacted them 4 times this week, with a promise to receive an email from their support team (which I have never received)
- They won't help, and I can't get a working computer! So much for they warranty....

All the support agents I speak with tell me the only thing they can do is add another note to my case. Then their CARE team will contact me. But they don't contact me! I call them almost every day, and I'm not sure what to do anymore. Does anyone have any advice? Or even better, does anyone have any connections at Microsoft? I thought a defective unit would be replaced?


Re: Microsoft Support Problems, Need Advice!

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:46 am
by xide
I never saw this before until now (sorry for the late reply) however even though Microsoft is a corprate giant, you can still make them hear you. File a complaint with the me that will usually get your attention. I for example purchased a used car this year from a dealership which had no warranty on it (so i bought it as is). About 30 days after I bought it I had some things go wrong...needless to say even though that dealership wasn't accredited by BBB...I saw a $800 check to cover my repairs in my mail box about 45 days after my complaint. Plus it's free to file a complaint, so you have nothing to lose.

Re: Microsoft Support Problems, Need Advice!

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:36 pm
by Xander
Depends on the organization. I filed a complaint with the BBB about the absolute incompetence of Yellow Pages (Canada) and they wouldn't give two squirrel farts about it.