got vapor?

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got vapor?

Postby xide » Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:43 am

I think a lot of people here vape so why not get a discussion going about your experiences, setups/mods, favorite flavors etc. i'll start....


I started back in 2013 I think with one of those Kangertech starter kits with the little pen style battery. I've been through so many batteries to find 1 I really like I even bought the over priced itaste 134 because I figured it would have a lot of power (not to mention it looks like a freakin light saber) then I picked up this eleaf 50w about 3 months back and it has been my favorite, until the local shop I go to had a special where I could trade in some of my mods/batteries and I picked up this Smok xPro M80 Plus, I believe they just came out...I got the 1st they had that didn't even get a chance to get the price sticker on it. This is now my new favorite plus I got it for free. It has 3 modes, temp mode, mech mode, and wattage...and will go up to 80w and handles down to a .2 ohm. It even will tell you the time/date, how many puffs you've taken and you can even set a limit of puffs per day. Not to mention you can vape and charge at the same time and this battery lasts me about 2+ days. The battery is actually dual 18650's that is built in...possible replaceable since you can replace the one in the 50w model, but i've yet to take mine apart.

I have tried many of these as well, I think I have every clearomizer Kangertech has to offer, the last one being the RBA which is pretty cool. But it seemed like with all my Kangertech they would go through coils fast (1-2 per week) and they would often leak down into the chamber (eventually...not always) so while I like them overall those 2 things bugged me. My local shop kept talking about this "Arctic" clearomizer for months...but said they can't get them yet that didn't stop them from ranting and praising this mystical creature that I was begining to think was crafted by unicorns. After about 3 months they finally got them in and I got mine about 2 months ago....OMFG this thing is awesome! My favorite clearomizer yet! The cartridges last me about 1+ months, give great hits (I assume it's from their awesome design) not to mention these cartridges are about the same price as the kangertech...but lasts so much longer! If you're thinking of an upgrade try this Arctic out, its my favorite so far. IF you're wondering why I don't wrap my own coils, I have done so in the past a couple of times (barely) however due to my medication I have to take my hands will get shaky at times so I decided to stick with cartridges.

I try so many and have found half taste horrible. I can't really recommend one because everyone has different tastes, however I will mention some of my favorites.
Space Jam - Pluto - This is an odd flavor to describe, to me it tastes like watermelon on the inhale and mint on the exhale (quite a surprise the first time)
VODO - Mountain Mist - Now this one I highly recommend if you like Mountain Dew because that's just what it tastes like....I love it!
Cosmic Charlies - Slam berry - This one tastes like berries like the name implies, but mainly a strong strawberry taste...very good.

Those are some of my favorites for now, I picked up some others the other day I haven't tried yet. One is called "Unicorn Puke" so I had to give that a try. The other is Space rocks which supposibly tastes like pop rocks....I told the clerk "...but pop rocks came in different flavors, which is it?" He didn't have an answer so I guess we'll see. Both of these are made by "Lost Art"

If anyone else has any stories, suggestions, gripes, praises, etc. I'd like to hear them, especially if you have some favorite juices because i'm always on the lookout for some good ones to try. Try to describe the kind of flavor it has if possible. I think other members here would also like this thread especially if they're thinking of quitting cigs or just want to try vaping (+1 for peer pressure). For those people or anyone in general feel free to ask questions, I'm sure myself as well as other vaping members here can help.
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