thanks....3rd party problems...and things i found

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thanks....3rd party problems...and things i found

Postby xide » Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:01 am

I didn't feel the need to make multiple little posts so I figured I could just do it all in one.

Thanks to Nick.....
1. The new dSS GUI/setup is awesome
2. The new malwarebytes setup is great
3. I think there was something else but I forgot it (long day)

now for small problems with others (i don't think these are d7ii fault)....

X [size=85]Emisoft a2 CMD: Now I used to live by this program before I found d7, its a good one to go to when you want to run a scan over night (and vipre) ......HOWEVER i started noticing in the logs (honestly didn't pay much attention before) but in the logs it will say "Found 58 Removed 0" I just pulled up a "deep scan" report that was on my flash drive that said something like "Found 33 Removed 5" wtf? Do I have something set wrong (d7ii defaults) or does this software not work as good as it used to? Has anyone else noticed this?[/size]
[i](I think I just figured this one out.....I was still using my old config from before nick made a better I will give the new one a try)[/i]

Lastly something interesting I found.....
I really never used Rogue Killer but I decided to check it out last week. I thought surely there has to be a way to automate things with this and add it to my "ghost" arsenal. Turns out on their website they have a command line version, that is automated (kinda) when it finishes you have to type if you want to remove or not, other than that its auto....yes I wasn't satisfied either. So I searched the site some more and noticed there will be a premium version that has features for techs like....FULL AUTO!!!! it gets better, there is no pricing yet because he hasn't got a system up to do keys, so for now he is giving out free keys so you can test with, these keys will work in the current Rogue Killer d7ii already has in it (no need to download a new/special one)

Here are the links (lazy mode enabled):
Where to request the FREE premium key:

Command line switches (near the bottom) and tutorials: ... -tutorial/

Rogue Killer CMD:

It would be nice if d7ii could automatically type remove at the end of Rogue Killer that possible? I think there is something similar like that done with Vipre currently (I think its a press any key command though).

Hope you enjoy my findings, and if anyone has some input on the others please reply.

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Re: thanks....3rd party problems...and things i found

Postby bored369 » Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:48 pm

Yup, new config is much nicer.

Interesting ideas about the rougue killer we'll look more into it and see what we can work out for a default app update as well. The REMOVE typing might not be as simple as the Vipre "press any key" but I'll check more with Nick on this one too. Thanks for all the easy links too, very helpful!
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Re: thanks....3rd party problems...and things i found

Postby xide » Wed Feb 04, 2015 3:49 am

Played with the Premium key on Rogue killer today....the -hide switch works like a dream and is rather quick but found out some bad news on it...apparently the key isn't "remembered" on the flash drive or whatever media you have it on. I spoke to Tigzy, and he says the key gets assigned to that computer you are using therefore you will have to type the key in each time. I'm waiting for him to get back to me about if the "company" version will have this same issue.

I figured the type remove was a long shot...very long in comparison to just a single keystroke. However I think I will be going back to my Rogue Killer CMD even though I have to type remove its still worth it.
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