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Uploading config older than ftp version chekc

PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:46 pm
by laplandz
i am having to save my configs with a manual revision number, for example "workshop r31 & workshop r32".
I do this because any alterations can be undone by accidentally uploading the originating config from another machine if, for example i made a different alteration without first downloading the new one, am unsure if that reads very well, so for example:

I change the verbiage text on some apps & functions, upload the config as "workshop std"
a small time passes and i add a custom app from a different machine and upload the config as "workshop std"
the verbiage text has obviously gone.

I know we have "check for newer config" but this has let me down on numerous occasions (through my own fault, not d7ii).

What i am wondering is if a couple of options could be added as a config-option:

1. Auto add a revision number when uploading if its different than the server-side version (thinking older, newer or different size, etc, even better if it could tell us if its older, newer, etc.)
2. when opening the config from within d7ii, can it auto-check if a newer config is available and let us know somewhere, a version check type thing.
3. As a debugging tool, could there be a way of of comparing two different configs or displaying the changes (a bit like WordPress when comparing a revision but less fancy with just a 1x1 comparison). This i'd assume is the BIG ask, but could be an awesome feature.

any thoughts appreciated.


Re: Uploading config older than ftp version chekc

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:24 am
by bored369
I got what you were saying there and it is a very confusing process if you are changing configs on different machines as well as using the save config on end session can start throwing things for a loop. Along side of what you mentioned as well.

I have added it to the bug tracker as a feature request but for now I'd fall back on your revisioning and trying to keep track of it or see if the option to check configuration updates on d7II start (every start not just session start) might help.