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Quick wins...

PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 5:05 am
by Tekmate
And can I sneak in a couple feature requests - Apologies if there are blindingly obvious ways to do these !

* Is there a good reason the run Full Auto Mode is buried under the menu - automode options. Can we have a big play button button up there
* Can we have an exit added on the d7x.cmd so it doesn't leave the command prompt up.
* Repairshopr is failing to strip out the computer reports from D7x info report email. I have raised a ticket with them as I believe it's there end but nothing has happened. We had confirmed over the phone I had everything passed from D7x correctly. Can you prod your end ?

Glad to see development is ongoing and especially glad to see these forums back up and running - missed these !.

Thanks Nick.

Re: Quick wins...

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:54 am
by Nick
* Full Auto Mode... well the good reason is I felt a save button was more important as default, and there wasn't any room for another button for full auto mode. Additionally, and I hate to put it this way, but I didn't know many used the feature anyway. I'm sure I added it for someone, but personally I feel like there isn't a reason for it. Between malware removal and repair I want to stop and evaluate the system first. Besides the need for Full Auto you could just have everything on the same tab that you needed; e.g. before malware removal I might delete temp files and that's normally under maintenance, so I put that on the malware removal tab too. etc. oh, last thought is that it's clunky to work with Full auto mode in code, it's tougher to support and I would expect bugs in full auto mode that I wouldn't in a single tab auto mode. but those are the reasons, I never felt like it was a worth-while feature and didn't really realize people used it.

* it doesn't when I use it... how are you running it?

* I'll be honest, this is the FULL extent of my knowledge: ... tegration/ Make sure you recheck the notes on that page.

If the integration used to work then lets see if anything has changed. When did it last work? I can check my code for changes since then, it is possible I changed something in the Info Report that prevents it from being attached to a ticket in RepairShopr... or does that part work and it's something else on their end?

As for what I can do to work with RepairShopr, I think you might be asking that I reach out to them, and I will if you think it would help (but I don't.) I think (I would HOPE) that you will have far better luck as a paying customer. You might not be aware but RepairTech (who makes a competing product to d7x now called TechSuite last time I heard) well they merged their business with RepairShopr (this was of course after RepairShopr had d7 integration already in place.) I don't think that they are actively developing TechSuite any longer, but I see now that they are still selling it. Although I've heard a lot about RepairTech products not being developed or supported after the merger, since they are still selling TechSuite, I suspect I would have absolutely 0 pull to get them to fix their integration with d7x.

Glad to see development is ongoing and especially glad to see these forums back up and running - missed these !.

I'm glad for that too! Thanks!

Re: Quick wins...

PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:36 pm
by Tekmate
Thanks Nick

Full automode - you don't know how long I've been gritting my teeth and clicking, instructing my techs when onboarding to click the drop down area "I know, I don't why its under their either". However you explanation makes a lot of sense and we will adapt our workflow to per page as that seems more logical now - creatures of habbit. Many thanks and PS it was reliable for us - coding was sound !

Just running the d7x.cmd from within the folder d7x mainfolder- the one that is generated from a tickbox within config. I've deleted it so it can be rebuilt but the same. We call it from our own batch file we place on the route as our stick is also a bootable pe which means its nestled in a few folders and I'm lazy. Both ways via our batch calling yours or directly the window stays open. I've added exit to yours (and mine) and it solves it but I'm guessing new version numbers replace the whole file eradicating the my exit. - Not sure why yours is closing though and mines not ? not a biggy but a little exit when your next around that area.

I'm 90% sure its repair shoppr thats at fault as I have had a tech on the line and we ran through making sure everything is correct, but its broken. It pulls the attachments off which is good enough, just doesn't parse them as well as it used to. Not your fault Nick so no action required !

On a different note - How the hell do I add anything to scripts list - it takes me to new App but couldn't suss out the path name and how to reference the .cmd I want to run. (Used variable %scriptdir%). Network menu - couldn't see any way to define the mapped network drives as stated. Again I think this was dropped in the passed.
- Powershell scripts - we use one for removing display language - a pet peave of mine here in the uk is that it defaults to US and leaves a nasty switcher on the taskbar. If your interested we run it through a batch which calls powershell with the external script blocks disabled - so it could be useful for launching powershell scripts automated within D7x.

Can we have D7x automatically save the customers name and ticket number as a variable when a batch file is run - this would allow me to automate a client folder creation and image save on our server without having to re-input the ticket number and name in again.

Thanks again for all your work - Keep it up.

Re: Quick wins...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 1:13 pm
by Nick
sorry for the late response, I took some time for our 4th holiday.

Regarding the scripts, I just made a complete video to walk you and everyone else through that. You are right to use %scriptdir% but you may be confused where to put it because of the two requirements for a custom app config that have nothing to do with scripts. Basically the two required fields: File name is the name of the custom app config, and also the display name. Path name is just where the config goes, not the script itself, and this value is completely arbitrary. I would recommend using the same path for all scripts. Further down in custom app config is Main App EXE settings and that is where you put %scriptdir%\myscript.bat... the video is more clear on this..

For the customer name and ticket number being available to a batch file, it already is but is stored in the registry. You just have to query the registry for the data and set that as a variable in your batch file. See the code below as a stand-alone batch file/example; this will pull the data to the %ClientName% and %TicketNumber% variables which you can use however you please. Of course, d7x must already be in session to create the reg entries.

@echo off

:: get the client name
set "RegKey=HKLM\Software\d7xTech\d7x"
set "RegValue=ClientNameForReports"
for /f "usebackq tokens=2*" %%a in (`reg query "%RegKey%" /v "%RegValue%" 2^>nul`) do set "ClientName=%%b"

:: get the ticket number
set "RegKey=HKLM\Software\d7xTech\d7x\Session"
set "RegValue=TicketNumber"
for /f "usebackq tokens=2*" %%a in (`reg query "%RegKey%" /v "%RegValue%" 2^>nul`) do set "TicketNumber=%%b"

:: display data
echo %ClientName%
echo %TicketNumber%

Re: Quick wins...

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:42 am
by Tekmate
THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Only just checked back and its made my day.

Amazing, both scripts video and also I LOVE you for the pull the registry entries for name and ticket to variable for scripting.

Regarding command window not disappearing I found out its not doing it due to me calling it from another script. I have a d7x.cmd on the root of my stick pointing to \programs\d7x\d7x.cmd you generate. I'm calling it with start "" "%~dp0\Programs\D7X\d7x.cmd" Seems when when one is run from another it doesn't close the window. It shouldn't upset anything by adding an exit to the end should it ?

Functionally scripts are just an alternative app launcher place. I'm guessing these don't get zipped in the config uploaded to the cloud do they ?

Regarding powershell - have it working well with these codes launched in a batch file

Run as User - Launches ps1 file with same name as batch file it was run from. Remove external power shell exceution restriction
Code: Select all
PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "& '%~dpn0.ps1'"

Run As Admin - Launches ps1 file with same name as batch file it was run from. Remove external power shell exceution restriction
Code: Select all
PowerShell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "Start-Process PowerShell -ArgumentList '-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted','-File %~dpn0.ps1' -Verb RunAs"