Run Auto Mode (Malware) in Safe Mode, and STAY THERE until..

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Run Auto Mode (Malware) in Safe Mode, and STAY THERE until..

Postby Nick » Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:02 pm

New item in recent d7 versions, requested by a steveb here on the forums! You'll find it on the Malware page. Safe Mode w/Net Mod (1st item under Pre-Removal) and the corresponding Remove Safe Mode w/Net Mod (last item under Post Removal)

The entire point, is that if you prefer to do your Malware removal from Safe Mode, where let's face it, it can be easier... now you can do it automatically and stay there throughout the removal process. The problem that this new function addresses is that d7 (or most likely another 3rd Party App) may want to reboot after cleanup. Unfortunately it will reboot to normal mode unless you are there tapping F8 like a fool at the right time. The entire point is to make the process as 'hands off' as possible, so we don't want that.

How it works: You select the two new options as part of Auto Mode and start it. If you aren't already in safe mode, then the system will be automatically rebooted into Safe Mode and Auto Mode will proceed. Each time you (or a 3rd Party App) wants to reboot the system, it will do so normally -- however d7 has modified the boot.ini (WinXP) or the BCD to only boot to Safe Mode, so when the app reboots it will come back up in safe mode, and from there d7 will resume Auto Mode operation. When Auto Mode completes the Remove Safe Mode w/Net Mod executes, removing the safe mode modification so Windows can reboot normally.

Additional Usage Suggestions:

  • Enable "Don't Prompt to Change Screen Resolution" in Config > Behavior > General Behavior - so auto mode isn't stalled by the prompt. Else you will need to face the prompt at least once, and tell it to change res to 1024x768 (and it shouldn't prompt you again because Windows should remember the setting after reboot.)
  • Select the Reboot option (under the Post-Removal window) prior to starting Auto Mode, so that d7 will reboot back to Normal Mode when Auto Mode completes.
  • Safe Mode with Networking is used for this feature, so that d7/3rd Party Apps have internet access when necessary. If you have malware that also starts in Safe Mode with Networking (due to the active internet connection) but lies dormant in regular Safe Mode, then you can of course reboot to regular Safe Mode prior to starting Auto Mode. Hopefully by the first time a reboot is necessary, you will already have taken care of the malware and Auto Mode can proceed once rebooted into Safe Mode w/Networking.
  • Ensure you have the user account set to auto logon. This can easily and quickly be accomplished from d7's top menu User Control > User Autologon Options
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Re: Run Auto Mode (Malware) in Safe Mode, and STAY THERE unt

Postby GEGeek » Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:09 pm

All I can say is wow. Can't wait to test that. Excellent mod!
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Re: Run Auto Mode (Malware) in Safe Mode, and STAY THERE unt

Postby adson3492 » Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:16 am

I have a question. I would like setup my remote help config that it sends the reports to FTP but also that it deletes D7.
However how do I save this on the Close with Options screen? When I actually would click Close & Apply then also my config will be gone...
Do I overlook some option?
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Re: Run Auto Mode (Malware) in Safe Mode, and STAY THERE unt

Postby Xander » Tue Dec 09, 2014 12:58 pm

If you mean "D7" and not "D7II", that's not in there. Nick has halted production on D7 (but will continue to support it with necessary bug fixes). What you're asking for IS present in D7II.
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