Managing Multiple dClouds

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Managing Multiple dClouds

Postby csc » Fri May 30, 2014 8:16 pm


I'm having a few logistical problems with the number of clients and technicians I have, as well as the number of updates I am doing to my templates. To fix this, I think we could do the following:

1. Remove the following from the template configuration, and create a TechID profile with it (max 5 profiles per dCloud):
•Skins and Interface
•Email Button Config
•SMTP / Email Defaults
•Remote Button

2. Add button to download and overwrite templates from an FTP Server (which is hosted by headquarters).

3. Add tabs to the ClientID list, each tab is a different TechID profile.

4. When a template is assigned to a client the TechID profile is applied, and the the client list appends the name of the template such as "Identity - Template"

5. A right click context menu should be added to the templates, with the following options:
•Highlight assigned clients (just this tech)
•Update assigned clients (just this tech)
•Highlight all assigned clients
•Update all assigned clients

By doing it this way, I could set up a seperate dCloud for each location, and expect each location to manage their own clients. When I add a custom application to my configuration, I then upload my configuration to the FTP Server at headquarters, and my locations overwrite their templates with the headquarters templates. They then right click on the template, hit "Update all assigned clients", and then the "Upload All Selected Client IDs" option. This would keep the technician information specific to that customer, while the routine and rules would be updated. Every technician uses a different email, a different phone number, and a different remote support software currently.

I imagine headquarters would be using a "dSupportSuiteII Template Editor" to make these changes, which would just be the currently template editor, the master template list, and a button to upload those changes to the FTP Server, which the Mgmt Console would then download the template from.

I've been thinking further into this, but for now I'm just going to leave it here and see what people think. Thoughts?

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