Heartbeat - User-friendly Service Names

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Heartbeat - User-friendly Service Names

Postby Xander » Tue May 07, 2013 10:39 am

User-friendly service names:

"Service: wuauserv is running. (Service set to start automatically.)"

Just wondering if the cosmetic name could be taken from the registry and used instead of the short name? Or both?

"Service: Windows Update (wuauserv) is running. (Service set to start automatically.)"

Report frequency:
As I'm looking at pitching this as a weekly maintenance package, any chance the reports could be changed to either run every X days or, better, run daily but only send the reports every X days. So, one weekly report with a Mon/Tues/Wed... section?
EDIT: Think I've figured this out so correct me if I'm wrong. By turning off Heartbeat's email, it forces those logs into the weekly report.
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Re: Heartbeat - User-friendly Service Names

Postby Nick » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:00 am

Yes on the report frequency, as you no doubt have already figured out. How did I miss this post?

Service names... good idea, will look into that... In pretty much all of my apps I've not used the 'pretty' service name b/c generally Windows doesn't either, and I've been too lazy to simply query the registry for the pretty name. Will try to break free of laziness...
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