dSS Manual Config and Version Update

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dSS Manual Config and Version Update

Postby remyservices » Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:18 pm

I sometimes find a computer where it is not running the latest version or running an older config, sometimes due to the fact I changed the config as I am on the phone with them or it hasn't been used for a few days.

Could we have a way, say with holding ctrl during launch or some button in the GUI, that would trigger a config and version update on an as needed basis?

I know we can force an update on every launch or at a schedule but the only ways to update outside times are not easy for customers. This could allow for a one off check that the customer could even initiate while I'm on the phone with them.

Thanks for the consideration.
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Re: dSS Manual Config and Version Update

Postby Nick » Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:21 pm

I'm not understanding why not just configure them to check for updates at every launch...? Why the need to hold down CTRL??? To be honest there are so many ways that dSS 'skins that cat' I can't fathom why to add another...

If it is a time concern causing you not to do it at every launch, then I'm sure that extra second or two it takes for the update check now isn't really an issue, is it?
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Re: dSS Manual Config and Version Update

Postby remyservices » Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:04 pm

If it is only a second or two then maybe the wording needs to be changed in the options as it currently states it "Causes major startup delay with progress bar".

I've tried enabling this in the past and did notice a considerable (10-12 second) startup delay on the computers I was testing with but maybe this has changed now.

Added (at the risk of being further black sheeped):
While I understand d7 and dSS have many ways to skin a cat, and love that fact, I also find some of the ways might not be the best methods for my business. Your business is not mine, and everyone who uses these products all use them in different ways, that is what is so great about them. Please don't think I dislike anything you do, I respect your help to the community and opinion, I just don't feel the same in kind.

If updating on heartbeat once a day is enabled and works for must customers why also force an app update and config update on every start? To be as seamless to my customers as I can I was merely suggesting for a way that the end user could trigger these updates. Currently I ask them to use the scheduled task, which is end user initiated, and I will continue to do so when needed, I just thought some easier method would be more useful than having every end user have an unneeded startup delay.

If you feel the current methods are all that is needed then we can all carry on and consider this closed, but in my opinion updating on every start could be replaced with an option in the gui to check for updates. This mixed, mixed with heartbeat updates, could easily keep everyone updated. If that seems redundant then doing an update on startup is the way to go and heartbeat updates seem redundant.

I've seen very few apps update on start and then not present a way for an end user to initiate an update after it is started. Even D7 and dSSMC allow for checking for updates after they have started.

If startup checks are enabled, on heartbeat does it update version and config too? If so maybe I just stick with that and not worry about it.
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