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Email Reports Suggestion

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:30 am
by Marshall
I often try to create better filters to capture significant Heartbeats, and Maintenance Reports from dSS, but it can be a bit difficult at times.

Currently I am filtering for the subject "Heartbeat", and the words "disk, ntfs, and disabled". I flag these entries immediately for further attention, and check all other reports on a regular basis. It still takes a significant amount of time however. Unfortunately I am seeing many reports pass right on through with disabled entries. So I am looking for a better way to capture and filter dSS email reports. I use gmail to capture email reports.

So I was wondering if the Heartbeat reports could contain an "Alert" heading when the following errors are detected: disk, ntfs, vss, kernel. In addition to flagging the same alert heading when the firewall, anti-virus product, and anti-malware products are "Disabled".

This would make it relatively easy to determine what's critically important, and what's not. The end result being a message like this "Heartbeat - Alert - ClientIDHere"