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Deployable Installer

Postby Marshall » Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:43 pm

What would it take to get a deploy-able installer for a new customer visiting your website, and downloading dSS after they purchase it? I would like the customer to be able to grab it whenever they want, without the need of me installing it locally, remotely, or at all.

What would be required of dSSMC?

1. The console would have to be able to designate a Template (Home, Small Business), before installation.
2. The console would have to be able to generate a new Client ID based on a pre-designed naming convention that I set in the console, before the install.
3. Because people would now be able to download the dSS client on the fly from your website, the installer would have to be capable of being installed simultaneously without causing errors (Downloading config's simultaneously would have to just work. Pushing new client id's simultaneous would have to just work.)
4. Within the Config you must have the option to now send the client to a url, or open dSS after the initial install (see below).

What would be required of dSS?

1. The installer would first present the option to install for a Template (Home, Small Business, etc. w/e you're templates are)
2. The installer would request the new customers information; First and Last Name, Billing Address, Contact Phone #, Email Address. (This is assuming that prior to the download you have already captured this information from the customer, and confirmed the email address is valid by sending some form of an "account activation" link)
3. The installer would finish installing, and then finish by sending you to a url, or by opening dSS (preset in dSSMC). (Send them to a url to show them a video tutorial, or tutorial page on how to use their new tool)

What would you have to setup on your own to make this work on your website?

1. The customer purchases dSS from your website, and then redirects them to a form.
2. The form captures the customers details, and emails them a confirmation request. Then they are forwarded to a login page.
3. The confirmation request is activated, and you send the customer login details. They now login, and download dSS.
4. They install dSS, select their options, and away they go.

It may also be a good idea to create separate custom installer's per Template so that as the customer register's on your site, pays, etc. they are directed to an appropriate installer "Home", "Small Business", etc. If this is the case, then there is no need for the above step allowing the customer to select what Template to use. All they do is enter in their details, wait for dSS to auto-generate a client id, and finish installing.

What do you think Nick? Is this possible?
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