Warnings and Close apps during Maintenance

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Warnings and Close apps during Maintenance

Postby und3rtak3r » Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:39 pm

I don't know if this should be a suggestion or a cry for help.

Patch MY PC will stall during the update of certain software like Skype or Chrome, and this is due to the updating application still running. Looking at the options the more reliable is to restart in safemode when running the maintenance. OR Have dSS run before the loading of user applications but just after loading of essential system services during startup.. This way user other than a cancel button the user has less chance of interfering with the maintenance cycle, and may help with some of the other maintenance items, not just the PMPC. I am all ears if others are using another application updater with better success (Please not Secunia)
IF you tell me we already have this ability.. I'll go and re-read foolishIT site from start to end as punishment (or education)..

The Second Suggestion is a Warning panel.. if the cleanmgr is selected to run and is run for the first time it can take a very long time worse on older machines -ie in service more than a year, and or large well used HDD's. Defraggler, again very fragmented, and large and well occupied Hdds - had a 500gb 20% used, 6% fragmented take 5 hours, similar story with a2cmd scan again with heavily used HDD's.. Is it considerable for a Warning to display, saying "This step if it is running for the first time, or if major changes have happened to your PC, May take considerable time to complete" - I was going to ask if a cancel this step button to appear after 5 or 10 minutes -but realised that with the range of 3rd party applications this would be too much of a write.
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Re: Warnings and Close apps during Maintenance

Postby Marshall » Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:13 pm

Hey und3rtak3r,

If I could give you a suggestion, and this has seriously helped me streamline my updates. Stop using PMPC, and use Ninite Pro.

I agree PMPC is a pain, and if something is already updating it just gets skipped. I honestly have NEVER had luck using PMPC to update Skype, or Chrome, not once that I can recall. Ninite however has done it every single time for me. I use to set up residential customers with Secunia but I just had bad luck with it, and people felt like it was bothering them too often. Now their paid for version may have better customization, but free..well you get what you pay for...

I personally don't use cleanmgr, or anything that can't run silently.

Run defraggler's command-line version silently...problem solved. It will do that initial defrag, take FOREVER, but then every time after should be better, and even if it isn't does it matter? It's running silently, they don't get bothered. Be mindful when you schedule maintenance, and go over scheduled maintenance periods with your customers and their staff. If defraggler takes 3-4hrs to run, you should plan to give the system 5-6hrs of time to finish the entire maintenance process.

I don't use any command-line AV. I sell my own AV so there is no need. Sorry can't advise you here, other than to say...get your clients setup on a subscription through your business for AV that you can manage.

My final suggestion should address all of the time issues.
It is imperative that if you are not providing other solutions that reduce the amount of time to provide updates/scans, that you communicate with your clients that the systems should be left on for X amount of time, or until the end of the following work day/24hr's for residential customers, on the given day of maintenance.
I would suggest that you have a small service fee to provide maintenance when you sell dSS, in the event that they need out of the ordinary non-dSS maintenance. Check your email logs, if you don't see a "Maintenance Completed" for a given client within 30 days or so...follow up with them, and be proactive. Our 29-30 day tool no longer works in dSS, it was broken and I don't think ever worked right so Nick killed it. So until there is a better method, you're stuck monitoring your emails on your own.
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