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dSS: Time correction warning (CMOS Batt fail)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 6:43 pm
by und3rtak3r
In the Maintenance reports is it possible to get a warning of the time correction.. or even a check for a time error from last run ie this run_Time is before that last run_time? Have the PC run a time sync and send an email .

What I was thinking.. on maintenance.. Time sync Complete: Correction =0.01 or Time Sync Complete = 252.55 would indicate an issue and email warning to tech
But if the maintenance service were to check on start for the time determine that there is an error of... ahh 252288000 seconds, it would force a secondary maintenance mode.. Emergency time correction.. Email tech and (optional) User and (Optional) display warning.

As this is something that I will encounter in PC's from 10 months to 10years of age, and first warning with dSS is the reports stop coming in, or the client calls complaining they cant do their banking (SSL error due to time difference)