A pop-up instead of splashlogo

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A pop-up instead of splashlogo

Postby synapse » Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:33 am

Situation: when a client take a pc to my laboratory, i install dss for 30 days so the client can decide if he like it and pay for annual subscription. When 30-day trial passed, i send an email to the client and invite him to purchase dss or if he don't like it i uninstall from dssmc. The problem is that many client don't read email or don't answer to tell me if they like or not dss

My idea: it's possible to have a pop-up that appear when they turn on pc with something in it like for example....dear customer the trial has expired, if you like dss and want to buy click yes or no if you don't like it (when they press yes or no an email is sent to me so i can do what they want...uninstall or not dss)
Then, if it's possible we can create a template with the pop-up instead of splashlogo and copy it to the client we want an answer

With the actual dssmc i can do a .bmp with all write in and increase the time the pop-up stay on the screen but the client read and then?

P.S. sorry for my bad english, i hope it's clear what i want to say
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