How do *you* push out client specific files?

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How do *you* push out client specific files?

Postby akaGizmo » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:21 pm

I have dSupportSuite installed on 35 client machines (each with their own client id, all using a single template)

Let's say I want to push a custom, client specific, whitelist for a2cmd, ex: /wl="C:\support\whitelist.txt"

I could:
-clone my template to a new one
-create a URL with Dropbox (i don't have an ftp server)
-add custom app to retrieve the file
-remove existing custom apps
-re-schedule maint for that night --next heartbeat will do the update
-copy new template to client Id and upload
-wait for confirmation email --it could be on a seldom used laptop
-restore common template
-repeat for all 35 clients --yikes!

How do *you* push out files?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: How do *you* push out client specific files?

Postby akaGizmo » Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:31 pm

Thanks to some info I found in another post ( viewtopic.php?f=21&t=781&p=3866&hilit=import+config+before#p3866 ) , I am utilzing

"Import Config Files(s) Before Running" --now that I have a better understanding of it from ... stom-apps/

"Import Config Files(s) Before Running"
-click Browse
-paste the whitelist.txt file here
-paste a bat file (CopyWhitelist.bat --which copies the whitelist from 3rd party configs to c:\support)
-close the browse dialog
-manually type in: whitelist.txt,CopyWhitelist.bat

...after I apply the template to all clients, I can customize the whitelist by opening up the client config and clicking BROWSE and right-click->edit from there --followed by Upload Config & Rules

...a little quirky, but it works!
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Re: How do *you* push out client specific files?

Postby Nick » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:12 pm

Two things. But before I move on let me apologize, I rarely look in this forum myself as mostly discussions here are between business owners and distributors of dSS, not the technical aspects of it like the support forum would have.

First, you can accomplish this without the batch file. You utilize just whitelist.txt in the 3rd party configs. Then in the command line parameter instead of
Code: Select all
you would put
Code: Select all
as the variable %apppath% is designed to be filtered by dSS and expanded to the full path to the application (I thought I had documented this but I just checked and I must have implemented the variable after my existing documentation on supported variables.) Since whitelist.txt will be copied to the application path prior to running it (as is just one of the functions of the 3rd party configs feature,) that's exactly where the whitelist.txt file will be, so there is also no need for a c:\support in this instance either, just another side note.

Second, although this is pretty far off, that gives me the idea of downloading supporting application files and putting them in certain locations within a custom app config. I can think of one other app, an A/V command line scanner from a popular vendor, which would benefit from that making it possible to utilize that as a custom app. Pretty far off, been very busy lately and still on vacation in fact!

Note for future reference if you (or anyone reading this thread) weren't aware, that documentation on supported variables is available in the index of the Config section in the online manual, here: ... al/config/ and I will update this to include the newer variable soon after this message is submitted.

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