Awkward reasonings?

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Re: Awkward reasonings?

Postby laplandz » Sun May 31, 2015 10:22 pm

xide wrote:I was happy with a mediocre product 3 years ago when I found d7, now after being spoiled with d7ii I could never go back, and as long as it works i'm happy.

Imagine what we'll posting here in 3 years, if anything at all?
3 years ago you didn't consider d7 as "mediocre", only advances, improvements and of course hindsight make your statement true. Also remember if d7ii didn't come along, would you still think d7 was good enough with this other products offering?
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Re: Awkward reasonings?

Postby Nick » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:37 am

Loopey wrote:As far as that other product that was mentioned.....I seem to recall reading that they are actually using a skinned version of D7 (not D7II) to handle at least some of their functionality. I think it was a newsletter or blog post right before D7II was released, they had paid to use/change/resell D7 as part of their product. I'm a little impressed by the features they've added, but I haven't see anything that is worth paying a much higher rate to use something built on an older version of D7. And I'm personally quite confident that many of those new features are things we'll see in future development of D7II.

Mostly correct Loopey, and I'm not opposed to mentioning their name. RepairTech purchased rights for d7 v6.7 and skinned it up all pretty like to include with their TechUSB product, then later changed the name to TechWARU, but it's no d7II which was a re-write of the original d7 v10, to solve some fundamental issues preventing us from progressing our tech.

vmhs wrote:I kind of agree with the gist of this post, especially the "newsletter" portion. is a post I only just found on their website which may explain some of your questions.

Thanks for seeing that and posting, anything I could comment on in this thread is at the link above.

laplandz wrote:From reading the poorly placed posts (as in on the main public site, not where many d7ii subscribers visit frequently i'd imagine),

OK -- I get that not everyone frequents the blog of a product they already bought, to stay current with the product news and events that they may want to know about.

I also get that not everyone wants another email newsletter

I get that not everyone wants to revisit the latest newsletter link

...but I remember back in the late 90's I think, when "push" tech was getting standardized, but has anyone at least ever heard of an RSS feed?!

d7II info ONLY with none of the CryptoPrevent stuff or anything else:

(and with the link above you can substitute that category slug for anything other that we have listed in our blog categories, and also use tags as well to customize the feed.) But I guess that RSS is a dying tech ... must've been a sign that Google discontinued Reader instead of making it decent.

... so how about social media? ALL blog posts propagate instantly to



and that Face place

there's a linked-in too

Several times I've posted pre-release versions of d7II here in these very forums and I watch the download count creep by at next to nothing and it's obvious to me that (mostly minus the same few faces) d7II subscribers frequent these forums far less I suspect than social media or even my website/blog (which considering the format is more appropriate for stuff like that I would imagine.) The sheer volume of email we receive at the official contact address backs this up, those who aren't replying to purchase related emails directly are generally contacting us from the website or replying to a post or newsletter.

For our efforts it's a matter of updating multiple sources with redundant info, and the automation of the blog/rss -> social media is covering where the vast majority of anyone will visit.

Not to mention the dMZ, which contains the new signup form where all members (anyone who as purchased d7II, dSupportSuite, or CryptoPrevent Bulk/Resale Edition) can get access to our Support Portal for new and existing customers only. More will be available about this in a new post right here on these forums soon.
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Re: Awkward reasonings?

Postby Dustin D » Wed Jun 10, 2015 12:38 pm

Awesome. I didn't remember that there was a RSS feed.
Also, as an aside, we purchased a subscription to TechWARU around the same time we subscribed to D7II. We will not be renewing our TechWARU subscription unless they manage to wow me dramatically in the next month. They have some cool ideas but in the grand scheme of things it hasn't even come close to making our productivity skyrocket like D7II has.

Their Project Kabuto is a neat idea as a service, but is ultimately just another pop-up that users can ignore. With dSupportSuite(which I promise is on our purchase list Foolish Staff) you get so much more control. It may end up a decent company in a few years, but right now they are dealing with a product that is at least 1 generation behind.
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Re: Awkward reasonings?

Postby SE5FBO8ArZ » Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:56 pm

Thanks for the reminder of the RSS feed; love using RSS, and so I hope you'll keep it and update it as often as any other in-use medium.
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