18.12.8 Borked my day

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18.12.8 Borked my day

Postby Psychlone » Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:15 pm

Any idea why the 18.12.8 update required me to input my paid username and license, lost ALL of my configuration data (until reboot after inserting my paid license info) and reduced the size of my logo on the loading splash?

It didn't just happen once, it happened on every stick I used on every computer that was connected to the internet since 12-8 until I had manually input my paid username/license on every stick I have d7x on, it put me a long ways behind in my workload and I'm just looking for some answer as to why this even happened and if there is something I'm doing wrong that resulted in this behavior.
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Re: 18.12.8 Borked my day

Postby Nick » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:51 am

that version did cause that issue with the older license type and also depending on which version you last saved your config to dCloud, but it only if running it from the d7xRDT would this have happened. In fact the config/license was there but wasn't copied from the extract folder to the appropriate location so d7x could recognize it. d7x didn't perform the copy because it thought the extraction failed since it didn't find the expected config file formats. if the problem occurred outside of d7xRDT usage, this is news to me and I would ask if the latest version has the same issue.

if you are working locally (not remote) you could run d7x straight from a flash drive or copy your d7x folder to the local system, without this problem, but I believe you were using d7xRDT which is preferred only for remote support. personally I always copy it to the desktop but that's just me.

I do apologize for the problem. this is what happens I guess when I do releases on a friday :( it should be fixed in the latest version released monday.
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