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Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 4:32 pm
by AK_Logan

We use D7x in our organization and 95% of what we use it for is the maintenance tab which helps us clean up old temp files etc when their drives get full. We use screenconnect and can type in the command prompt box remotely. Is there any way we can start a silent maintenance process through the command prompt box as once we start the tool it generally takes around 30 min to finish.


Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 8:27 am
by Nick
The answer is currently no, you can't do that. I can and certainly want to add this functionality, but let me ask you first a few questions to determine what is most important for an initial implementation, because to add all the bells and whistles I'm thinking you might want, it will take a good bit of time.

Q: I think you are planning to send over/run the d7xRDT.exe or similar, which you expect to run automatically and close itself. OR Are you planning on running the full d7x.exe which you have pre-installed in a folder already on a managed PC? This is important because it tells me if the d7xRDT.exe must also be updated.

Q: I understand that you will definitely want d7x to close and End Session automatically when it's complete with Auto Mode for the Maintenance tab. Or not?

Q: do you mean "silent" as in it must be invisible to the user, who may decide to use the PC while this is going on; OR do you just mean "automated" in that it does the above, even closing d7x and Ending Session, but it's ok to display status messages on screen (or even the lock screen)? I ask because to make it silent could be a difficult task, but also it might not be a good idea for the user to be there while d7x is doing it's maintenance. It is very likely it will make no difference, but maybe they are using programs using a temp file or something.

One idea for you is to configure End Session to send an email with reports... (then save the settings, and upload that config to your cloud account of course) and that would serve as a notification that the maintenance completed... Not that I would expect it to get stuck for any reason, unless something weird happened to a 3rd party app if you were using any custom apps but if not using them I don't think this would be an issue.

I don't know if you will have to remote in or not to start d7x, so I also don't know how important command line arguments are to you. For example if you had to remote in, well a few mouse clicks to get going vs. a command line argument being passed to the .exe probably isn't much difference in your time. If that were the case, I can implement a feature much sooner to simply run Auto Mode for Maintenance tab and then automatically End Session when it's complete (there is already such an option to just close d7x.) This could be as simple as another checkbox beside the Auto Mode button, and I could implement that quickly for you until the other methods can be implemented which will be more of a task on my part.

Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 11:57 am
by AK_Logan
Hi Nick,

Thank you for taking time to reply. Hopefully I can answer all of your questions to help with this as I know I cannot be the only one that utilizes this tool day in and day out.

In a perfect world: I would copy and paste script in the command prompt box in screenconnect, it would not notify the user, no popups would happen, and I would get a report in the command box prompt showing progress, then how many mb have been deleted. (Or emailed to me).

1. We keep D7 along with other programs in the C drive under a folder called support. So I suppose this is a good thing.

2. I believe so, when we run it the users do not know what to do and some close it out before I can see how many mb are deleted. Just something I like to know to put in the report. Would like to run the Maintenance Tab with a saved profile if possible? As we like to click only certain check boxes and unlick "Purge system Restore".

3. Silent as it does not bother/ confuse the user with pop ups or status reports is best. It should be fine if the computer says something like D7 is running in the background kind of like screenconnect does. But really less confusion for a user is better. Sometimes their computer may be locked, currently being used locally, or in terminal server.

The whole idea that would make this super useful is being able to start it without disturbing the user. That way I don't need to waste time trying to message/ call them. We get managed workplace reports when a pc is low on hdd space for example. And being able to run d7 in maintenance mode with a specific profile for the check boxes to clear up all those random files before I dig into other space hogs like large pst files can save a lot of time. And sometimes may even fix the issue without me even having to go onto the pc remotely.

Currently I have to message the user, get permission to get on the pc, open the folder and start d7 for maintenance, minimize everything, and them tell them I will check back in 30 min. But sometimes it take longer or you forget etc.

I'm still kind of new to D7 so apologies if there already may be an easier way of doing some of this. I haven't used a lot of the other tools it offers other than the maintenance. I will continue to follow up with your replies. Thank you so much for helping out!

Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 1:54 pm
by Nick
OH, I see from your pic you are running the original d7, not d7x. Development of the original d7 was terminated in 2013, d7 was replaced entirely in 2014, and made entirely free by the end of 2015; I can't update d7, you have to be using our paid product d7x. d7x is the 3rd gen tool (d7 is the 1st gen tool) and a lot has been improved; for example there have been 5 updates to d7x this month alone, mostly enhanced functionality.

If you continue to use d7, you should NEVER run the CleanMgr function, because with Windows 10 1809 (and possibly updates to Windows 7 and 8) Windows adds the user's "Downloads" folder to CleanMgr. While d7x will skip deleting the "Downloads" folder, the d7 version of CleanMgr will delete the user's "Downloads" folder items as configured in CleanMgr by default. More on that is here: ... toprevent/ point being always uncheck that option if you are using the original d7.

If you want to switch to our updated d7x, then we can talk about implementing more automation for you.

Currently d7x does save and run custom profiles like you need, and that will save you all clicks in the user interface except the start button, but by command line there are fewer options. Since you are keeping d7 on the customer's computer I don't see why you wouldn't keep d7x if you had that, and since d7x would already be on the customer computer I could help you out pretty easy. With a minor update, you could run d7x with command line arguments to perform ALL maintenance tasks silently, and this I could help you setup for scripting. But you need to switch first!

Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 3:04 pm
by AK_Logan
Hi Nick,

Thanks for letting me know I did not even realize we weren't using a current version.

Just want to clarify pricing as I will have to send it up the chain. I am the primary person that uses D7 although since we just throw it in the support folder other techs may click to run it or use the scripts we can look at after purchase. We would like a one time payment most likely. Would the $319 be our option, giving us 1 year of support, updates, and "hosted cloud access" although I'm not sure what that last one does for us?

I'm also going to have to research the Cryptoprevent licenses that come with it.

Is it possible I could demo D7x to compare speeds and functionality? At the end of the day if it can save us time and hassle we will most likely buy it. Then once we do get it I have your word that you can help me get a silent script working? :D

Thank you!

Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2019 7:10 pm
by Nick
Hosted cloud access is for configuration storage on our servers, which enables multiple techs to share configurations, or a single tech to keep multiple configurations for d7x (which would be configured differently for different purposes.) Alternately, you can always setup up your own FTP server or user account for use with d7x, this way you control the server and host your own data, and you can also upload reports after completing a session with d7x from the user's PC. You would also use one or the other to update your configurations on a user's PC before running the maintenance routines, as part of the scripting capabilities I am adding.

Sorry, but I don't have a way to demo you on d7x.

You have my word I will help you get a silent script working.

Keep in mind to automate this with your RMM software it will need to be able to run apps with administrator requirements, like d7 and d7x. I think most RMM will run software under the local system account so this should not be a problem for you.

Currently I can push out a minor update to enable automation of all internal functions via command line, so that is already pretty much going to solve your problem (assuming d7x is already on the PC) you can push out the appropriate argument to run all of the maintenance functions you wish. I've added this since your initial post, and all of this is going into d7x whether you subscribe or not so I'll keep working on it while you figure this out. I have not tested it yet, but I believe it can also email a work report telling you the space freed on that PC after it completes (or upload to an FTP server.) I hope to add support to do all of this when d7x is not even on the system initially, by using our existing remote deployment tool, but that will get complicated; the rest is easier and can be done sooner.

Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 9:41 am
by Nick
yep, in my testing right now it looks like the command line syntax below works correctly.

d7x.cmd /d7F=12,13,14,15,67,103,112,66,17,63 /EndSession /Silent

This would do everything d7 is doing for you and then some, plus (with prior configuration) email you a report when finished detailing the space freed up during maintenance. so this much is already working and possible with d7x, and I think it's just what you need.

Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 1:14 pm
by AK_Logan
Hi Nick,

My boss has a few questions I'll do my best to elaborate.

As mentioned we put D7 (soon to be d7x) in the folder C:\Support\D7, using your syntax that will help us run the silent maintenance as long as it's in the support folder. (Until way further down the road when you develop another way.)

1. How is the cleanup tool for Maintenance different from us running the built in windows disc cleanup windows? As our guys can easily make a silent install for that built in Windows tool I believe.

2. How do the 12 tech licenses work? As we don't even have 12 techs but is D7X like a portable version where we can continue to throw it on the support folder and usb drives when we go on client sites to use this tool? Do we need to activate the d7x every time we fire it up on a machine?

Basically we want to make sure we are not going to get stuck with a licensing issue for the few techs we have as we keep the tool in the support folder and sometimes on USB drives as a backup when we are on a client site. 90% of our use is the maintenance tab but I'm continuing to explore the rest of D7's functionality.

Thank you!

Re: Silent Maintenance possible?

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 2:48 pm
by Nick
1. d7 and d7x in particular do a lot more than Windows Disk Cleanup, which is the "CleanMgr" function in d7 and d7x mentioned above that you shouldn't use this in d7 because it will delete the user's downloads. To be honest I can't say what CleanMgr/Disk Cleanup does because it doesn't seem to be much. d7x maintenance routines are documented here, some of which you will be using and some of which you will not:

2. d7x is portable and you can use it like you need to, storing it on the customer's PC/end point as well as carrying it around on flash drives for on-sites and such. d7x does periodically check it's activation but this is in the background and it no you don't have to do anything special like enter product keys etc, as all this should be saved already in the program's config.

Send us an email sales@ or service@ with any further questions you have.