monitoring and whitelisting

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monitoring and whitelisting

Postby jpresto » Fri May 01, 2015 2:15 pm

Hi, couple of questions on the latest version of CP-

I've been using event log monitoring through my RMM for watching for CP violations. Will that still be usable for the most recent enhancements or will I need to rely on the email monitoring at some point?

Do the automatic updates in premium cover 3rd party apps like spotify, calibre etc that put their files in suspect locations, or will I still need to manage these locally?

What's best practice for managing the exceptions list? Ideally there would be a centralized console/policy like I have with AV, but previously I've just been pushing out new versions of CP with updated whitelist flags..

Thanks in advance - Joe
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Re: monitoring and whitelisting

Postby Michael » Mon May 04, 2015 7:06 pm

All current and planned future protections in CryptoPrevent write to the event log, so it will NOT be necessary to use email notification, although that will remain an option. CryptoPrevent updates do not affect any other 3rd party utilities or applications. If by "managing these locally" you mean maintain whitelists, then, yes, you will need to maintain your whitelist for applications that place their files in suspect locations; however, any upgrades will maintain your existing lists. Basically, if it currently works, it will continue to. You can look forward to improvements in list management in the forthcoming release of version 8.
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