CryptoPrevent Whitelabel Edition v8???

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CryptoPrevent Whitelabel Edition v8???

Postby ajgyomber » Tue May 05, 2015 10:47 am

There is no mention of CryptoPrevent Whitelabel Edition in the latest email listing sale prices. Is it going to be updated to v8? What features will it have?

Some clarification would be greatly appreciated. I posted to this forum as I didn't see a CryptoPrevent forum under the professional IT section.

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Re: CryptoPrevent Whitelabel Edition v8???

Postby bored369 » Mon May 11, 2015 1:31 am

All prior premium purchases will get v8 and updates going forward. There will be additional items that will be added on a subscription based terms, but the main protection, new v8 Premium features and any other Premium features/updates added in the future are all included going forward.

The additional subscription features will mainly be geared toward home/consumer based users. Similar and more extensive additional features and management options will be provided in the add-on feature of dSupportSuite. This will also be subscription based but will have many advantages over the standard CryptoPrevent Premium (like being able to brand/white-label CryptoPrevent, extensive maintenance and many other features).

This also applies to your current white-label version. The biggest difference is the white-label version will automatically get a lifetime add-on subscription ability for dSupportSuite. So once that feature is release if you do not have dSupportSuite you can purchase it to take advantage of the management and further options mentioned above that dSupportSuite will be able to provide.

That may all sound confusing and it is a lot to take in, but I just want to assure you that the current purchase is going to v8 and will have additional Premium features in the future, but we are preparing to offer even further more advanced features in the future that you may be able to take advantage of as well/alongside of the current purchase.
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