Remote KillEmAll.scr

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Remote KillEmAll.scr

Postby Marshall » Sun May 05, 2013 12:30 am

I use LogmeinRescue every day at work. Within it's controls I can automate scripts that can auto-launch at the start of a remote session, or run manually within the interface. It supports the ability to send one resource file(which is executed as part of the script).

I can't begin to mention how many computer's I remote into for the first time ever to a huge mess of running apps. This has become my solution for creating a faster running environment, before I move dCloudLauncher/D7 to the remote system. Not only does it help speed up working on the remote system, but it should also kill any running malware as well. Keep a watchful eye on the terminated processes, and especially the unknown processes that are filtered in the bottom section of KillEmAll. To ensure KillEmAll run's as fast as possible, refrain from adding tons of entries (just stick with your remote app processes for max effect).

This method requires you to already have moved the command line version of 7zip to the remote system before you can actually run KillEmAll.scr

Step 1.
I send the 7za.exe file via this script process, as a resource file to be executed with my batch. If you can't send a resource file, you should file transfer it to the remote system, and ignore this script all together.

The batch file for 7z...
@echo off
xcopy 7za.exe C:\Support

Step 2.
In another script I send KillEmAll.scr, and a Config folder that has Kill_EmAllWhitelist.txt file inside of it) as a resource file. If you can't send a resource file, you should file transfer it to the remote system, and run this script from that directory.
The batch file...
@echo off
7za x -oc:\Support -aoa
cd "C:\Support"

Works like a charm, as long as you have your remote applications executable listed in your Kill_EmAllWhitelist.txt file. It's also how I'm keeping KillEmAll portable. I am pulling these files straight from D7's folder's via another batch file, so they are updated every day on a schedule. I perform whatever renames I need to in that batch file, and all is well.
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Re: Remote KillEmAll.scr

Postby Nick » Sun May 05, 2013 2:34 pm

and now you can add the parameters /debug for debugging mode and /plus for service mode!
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