SageTV and CryptoPrevent

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SageTV and CryptoPrevent

Postby FriscoJohn » Sat May 02, 2015 2:45 am

I have a Win7 machine dedicated to running SageTV that I want to protect from ransomeware. I tried HitManPro.Alert but it kept blocking SageTV from running. I tried setting SageTV.exe and other Sage associated exe files as exceptions for HitManPro.Alert, but this didn't fix it. Fortunately HitmanPro.Alert uninstalled cleanly and I have my functionality back.

After that long prologue, here is my question: What are the chances Installing CryptoPrevent will screw up my SageTV installation. Is it going to be straightforward to white-list it if CryptoPrevent blocks it? If I can't get it to work with CryptoPresent, will the latter uninstall cleanly so I can restore my ability to run SageTV?

Incidentally, my SageTV installation does not run SageTV from the Programs folder on the C: drive. I installed it on the H: drive to avoid known problems with Windows UAC. I'm wondering if running it from this unusual location tends to make programs such as HitManPro.Alert and CryptoPrevent think it is a rogue program so they block it.

Any suggestions appreciated.

By the way SageTV--the ultimate PVR program--is going open source which will make it an even more powerful solution, now that the way is open to incorporate new codecs and new video encoders.
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Re: SageTV and CryptoPrevent

Postby Michael » Mon May 04, 2015 6:51 pm

CryptoPrevent should not interfere with running SageTV. Setting the highest levels of protection in it might prevent SageTV from being installed or updated, but simply removing and then reapplying the protections will resolve that issue. We make it very straightforward to whitelist applications, since, by default, all applications currently residing in blocked locations will be whitelisted. Removing CryptoPrevent protections and uninstalling the application will completely remove it from the computer. The location of your installation of SageTV will not affect how CryptoPrevent will function for you.
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