JP in Anchorage Alaska

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JP in Anchorage Alaska

Postby jptechnical » Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:56 am

Hi there, I have foolishly been running a one-man-shop for nearly 20 years. I am in the process of DevOpsifying my business, and I have been able to really streamline orchestration of my managed clients with lots of tools, and I am at the point I can give the big MSP providers (I have used Autotask, Connectwise, N-Able to mention a few) and have mostly been able to get it whittled down to Atera for the command-and-control portion and stuff like git and scripts for everything else. I am also in the early stages of trying to get Chef to manage my windows stations, but that is still very preliminary.

Today I am HARD on a hunt for a command-line uninstaller that will remove the Bitdefender av that comes installed by N-Central (now SolarWinds). This is a HORRID av when it comes to removal. I have 300 devices with this on it that didn't uninstall along with the old agent removal. I am in the unenviable position of shoehorning this out by hand, unless the current version of dUninstaller's command line portion does the trick.

Anyone have any experience removing windows apps that exist in appwiz.cpl but NOT in wmic product list? This app I am trying to remove installs with an MSI and has a unique ID for each install. Possibly it's designer was a sadist, but this is just speculation.

Please let me post a question in the dUninstaller forum. It has been several years since I bought my last license, so I don't know where the application is these days, and I evidently never made a forum account.
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Re: JP in Anchorage Alaska

Postby Nick » Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:47 pm

Thanks for your post!

I received your ticket on dUninstaller and have replied there, but for those reading I should say that dUninstaller does not use WMIC but the registry (specifically the section that populates in appwiz.cpl aka add/remove programs from control panel) for it's data.

If the software presents Windows with a silent uninstall option (some do, some do not) then dUninstaller will use that. If not, dUninstaller tries to figure out the installer method that was used and will insert the appropriate switches for silent uninstall. Although ALL installer software has such silent uninstall switches, this does not always work depending on how the installer was configured to function.

dUninstaller will also temporarily prevent web browsers from launching since this is the method that many uninstall processes use to nag the user for whatever reason (don't uninstall me, buy me, come back, nag nag, etc.)
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