Free streaming software for PC

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Free streaming software for PC

Postby Beggersewen » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:30 am

Sharing this free software that I found.

Smarty PCTV is a new software program that will be launching in late December 2013. This software is an exciting new product that promises to turn the smart TV revolution on its head by giving you a smart TV for free. It can make almost any unused PC up to around 10 years old into a smart TV, yet only better and far more versatile.
With up to 26% of people in Great Britain watching TV on demand using their computers, this is a product that is bound to appeal to almost everyone. Sadly, most of these people are using web browsers and favourite’s menus to watch their TV programs and movies, which is not exactly the most pleasant way to watch TV online.

Smarty-PCTV on the other hand has a true TV like interface. It’s also very easy to use and is the only product of its kind that enables an ordinary PC to be used as a smart TV. In fact since even the most basic PC has far more power than any smart TV, its more versatile than any smart TVs currently available.

You can use it to watch TV on your PC or you can connect it to your TV for a full Smart TV experience.
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